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Professor Ferranti Wong, BDS, MSc, PhD, FDSRCS(ED), FDSRCS(ENG), FHEA


Professor/Honorary Consultant of Paediatric Dentistry, Head of Paediatric Dentistry, Interim Dean of Dentistry

Telephone: +44 20 7882 8745
Room Number: Institute of Dentistry


Ferranti Wong was born in Hong Kong, had his secondary education in Glasgow and graduated as a dentist in Dundee University in 1982. His interest in children developed during his first post as a community dental officer. He pursued his passion by gaining an MSc in Children’s Dentistry (with distinction) at the then LHMC.

Ferranti continued his career as a clinical lecturer and completed his PhD on the use of a novel X-ray Microtomographic technique at Barts and The London Dental School. He became Senior Lecturer / Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry in 1996 and was conferred as a Professor in 2010. He is internationally recognised for his research which includes dental caries, dental trauma and dental anomalies.

Ferranti is currently the Interim Dean of Dentistry at QMUL Barts and The London Dental School.


Research Interests:

Caries research – My main interest is to combine basic science and clinical research. Using a novel micro-CT scanner developed in this centre to quantify the mineral concentration of biological hard tissues, I study the rate of mineral growth and boundary between carious and sound dentine. On prevention, I investigate  the effect of a statherin derivative peptide on de- and re-mineralisation of enamel and dentine. On clinical research, I am  a collaborator and a centre lead on a NIHR funded clinical trial to investigate a new biological approach in managing caries in primary teeth.

Material Research – In collaboration with the Material Department in Queen Mary, we are developing a novel bioactive nano-hydroxyapatite/polyurethane based composite as an endodotic obturating material. We also investigate the stress pattern of different post system  in permanent teeth.

Dental Traumatology – I manage a database of patients with dental trauma. My research topics in this field include the societal cost in treating traumatised incisors, relationship between problem behaviour and trauma, and clinical management of traumatised teeth.


Key Publications

Khan, A.S., F.S.L.Wong, McKay, I.J., Whiley, R.A., Rehman, I.U. (2012). "Structural, mechanical, and biocompatibility analyses of a novel dental restorative nanocomposite." Journal of Applied Polymer Science (DOI: 10.1002/app.37841)

Khan AS, Hassan KR, Bukhari SF, Wong FSL, Rehman IU (2012) Structural and in vitro adhesion analysis of a novel covalently coupled bioactive composite. J Biomed Mater Res Part B Appl Biomater 100B:239-48.

Khan, AS, Aziz MS, Paul D, Wong F, Rehman IU (2008). "Synthesis and In-Vitro Analysis of Degradative Resistance of a Novel Bioactive Composite." Journal of Bionanoscience 2: 1-12.

Khan AS, Ahmed Z. Edirisinghe MJ, Wong FSL, Rehman IU (2008) Preparation and characterisation of a novel bioactiverestorative composite based on covalently coupled polyurethane-nano-hydroxyapatite fibres. Acta Biomaterialia 4:1275-1287

Khan AS, PhillipsMJ, Tanner KE, Wong, FSL (2008)Comparison of the visco-elastic behavior of a pre-impregnated reinforced glass fiber composite with resin-based composite. Dental Materials 24:1534–1538

Atar M, Davis GR, Verry P., Wong, FS (2007) Enamel mineral concentration in diabetic rodents. Eur Arch Paediatr Dent 8:195-200.Willmott NS, Wong FSL, Davis GR (2007) An X-ray Microtomography study on the mineral concentration of carious dentine removed during cavity preparation in deciduous molar. Caries Res 41:129-134.

Wong FSL, Willmott NS, Davis GR (2006) Dentinal carious lesion in three dimensions. Int J Paed Dent 16:419-423.

Uslenghi S, Liversidge HM, Wong FSL (2006) A radiographic study of tooth development in hypodontia . Arch. Oral. Biol. 51:129-133

Wong FSL, Kolokotsa K (2004) The cost for treating children and adolescents with injuries in permanent incisors at a Dental Hospital in United Kingdom. Dental Traumatology 20:327-333

Wong FSL, Anderson P, Fan H, Davis GR (2004) X-Ray Microtomographic Study Of Mineral Concentration Distribution In Deciduous Enamel. Arch. Oral. Biol. 49: 937-943

Odoi R, Croucher R, Wong F, Marcenes W (2002) The relationship between problem behaviour and traumatic dental injury amongst children aged 7-15 years old. Community Dent. Oral. Epidemiol. 30:392-396.

Wong FSL, Winter   GB (2002) Effectiveness of Microabrasion Technique for Improvement of Dental Aesthetics. Brit. Dent. J. 193:155-158.

PhD Supervision

Candidates who are interested in research on dental hard tissues are encouraged to contact Professor Wong.

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