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2015 Graduate of the MClin Dent in Prosthodontics

"Immediately after my vocational training year, the idea of full-time self-funded postgraduate specialization seemed impossible and as a result, the idea of choosing this single career pathway out of the many available to young newly qualified dentists made it an easy option to ignore. No income, increasing debts, long hours and late nights are just a few of the excuses many use to deter themselves from taking on postgraduate specialization. To some extent these concerns are real, especially from a financial standpoint. However for those who are fortunate enough to be able to fund the course should, I would suggest they seriously consider Prosthodontic mono-specialization at Bart’s School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Three years of full time postgraduate studies is daunting for even the keenest young dentists in the UK. The first twelve months of the course proved to be the most intense. The jump from 9-5 working hours to full time postgraduate studies was initially difficult to get used to. Outside of the dental hospital the majority of my ‘free time’ was spent reading countless journals and textbook chapters attempting to cover all the reading lists given to us by our tutors. I would miss out on countless events with my friends and family in an effort to ensure I had read and understood every journal we were asked to read. Fortunately QMUL library holds numerous paper and online subscriptions to dental journals, which made literature searches much easier to complete.
During the first year we also became familiar with The London Deanery’s expectations of us. Reflection, feedback, observed clinical procedures, audits, teaching and patient case logs are additional tasks one has to complete during the course. Whilst they are all fairly easy to complete, communication from the deanery was lacking which made understanding what was expected of us more challenging. Support from our course lead made these tasks easier to manage.

The second year flew by. More active clinical time and less book learning meant that I was able to put into practice all the knowledge I had gathered over the previous year. The research dissertation module was a challenging part of this year. I was fortunate enough to have an excellent supervisor who was supportive and encouraging and I was able to pass with merit and was awarded a prize for my poster presentation on the project at the annual BSSPD conference in 2015. During the second year we moved to the new dental hospital building which was a breathe of fresh air. The move was seamless and the new environment and equipment made clinical time during the second half of the course more enjoyable and less stressful.  

The final year of the course was challenging to say the least. Some uncertainty about the format of our exams and where they would be held was somewhat distracting however the support we had from our course director was invaluable and thankfully I was able to pass the examinations at the first attempt. The final six months of the course was once again filled with copious amounts of reading and revising. It became clear to me that if I were to become a specialist that it was up to me to ensure I had the knowledge and skills to back up that title. The facilities and staff at Bart’s SMD made this pursuit much easier to manage in that the working environment is calm, relaxed and conducive to carrying out clinical work of the highest level."

2015 Graduate of the MSc in Oral Biology

I hope my email finds you in good health. Today I received my dissertation mark and my overall Distinction grade. My year at Queen Mary was tough but amazing, and at the end of the day I achieved what I had set out to do and I attribute it in great part to your mentoring and supervision, without which I would not have, in all probability, gotten a distinction. I cannot put into words my gratitude to you for your guidance and mentoring. I owe a lot to Queen Mary University and to you. If I ever have the opportunity in the future I would be obliged and honoured at the prospect of working under your supervision again. This achievement for me, means everything and I just wanted to express my gratitude to those who made it all possible, the foremost of whom, are you and Prof. Hill. Thankyou again for helping me through a difficult course with such high grades.

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