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Professor D Y D Samarawickrama, BDS(Cey) PhD (Lond) FDSRCS (Eng)

Emeritus Professor of Conservative Dentistry

Room Number: Institute of Dentistry


BDS (Cey.) 1968
PhD (Lond.) 1975
FDSRCS (Eng.) 1992
Employee of this institution (under various names) since 1983
Progressed from Lecturer, Senior Lecturer (1989) to Professor (2004)
Director, Dental Auxiliary School , LHMC from 1989 - 1995


Research Interests:

My research continues to be within the field of dental metrology and the application of measurement to various aspects of clinical dentistry using precise methodology.

This work includes studies in areas such as:

  • The development of measurement strategies
  • Finite Element Analysis of stresses within restorations
  • Assessment of quality of tooth preparations to receive a variety of restorations e.g. crowns, veneers, onlays
  • Fit of restorations
  • Wear of restorations


Key Publications

Seymour,  KG;   Cherukara,  G;   Samarawickrama,  DYD ( 2001). Stresses within porcelain veneers and the composite lute using different preparation designs.    16 - 21     10 J Prosthodont

Zou, L ; Samarawickrama,  DYD;   Shelton,  JC ;   Jovanowski,  V. (2001). Measurements of sequential impressions of acetabula cups from a total hip joint replacement using a non-contact measurement system     2023 - 2030     41 Int J Machine Tools & Manufacture Journal Article

Cherukara,  GP ;  Seymour,  KG ;   Samarawickrama,  DYD, Zou,  LF. (2002). A study into the variations in the labial reduction of teeth prepared to receive porcelain veneers - a comparison of three clinical techniques     401 - 404     192   Br Dent J

Cattell,  MJ ;   Palumbo,  RP  ;   Knowles,  JC  ;   Clarke,  RL ;   Samarawickrama,  DYD (2002). The effect of veneering and heat treatment on the flewxural strength of Empress(c) 2 ceramics  161 - 169     30     Brit Dent J

Zou,  L;  Samarawickrama,  DYD;   Seymour,  K;   Stout,  K  (External)  (2003).   Free form surface measurement using non-contact measurement methodology   1882-1885 Proceedings of the XVII IMECKO World Congress Metrology in the 3rd Millenium. Croatia .

Cherukara,  GP ;   Seymour,  KG;   Zou,  LF. Samarawickrama,  DYD  (2003). Geographic distribution of porcelain veneer depth with various clinical techniques 544 - 550     89     J Prosthet Dent

Durakbasa MN , Osanna PH Afjeki-Sadat A, Samarawickrama D, Krsek A. (2005). Application of sophisticated production metrology and nanometrology for quality control in bio-engineering 1 -10 1335 – 8871. Journal Article

Rafeek RN, Marchan SM, Seymour KG , Zou LF and Samarawickrama DY.(2006). Abutment taper of full cast crown preparations by dental students in the UWI School of Dentistry. 63-6. Jun;14(2) Eur J Prosthodont Restor Dent. Journal article

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