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Professor Robert Hill, BSc. MsC. Ph.D. DIC.

Professor of Physical Sciences in Relation to Dentistry, Director of Research

Telephone: +44 20 7882 5974
Room Number: Dental Physical Science, Francis Bancroft Building


BSc. Chemistry and Biochemistry University of Wales 1979
Ph.D. Polymer Physics Imperial College 1984

Degradable Glasses, Bioactive glasses, Glass (ionomer) Polyalkenoate Cements, Restorative Filling Materials, Fracture and Failure. Apatites, Glass-ceramics.

Bioactive Glass Coatings for Dental and Orthopaedic Implants, Role of Strontium and Fluoride on Caries and Remineralisation, Porous Scaffolds. Bone substitute materials, Characterization of Glasses and Cements by Solid State NMR.


Research Interests:

My research interests include; Bioactive Glasses Glass (ionomer) Polyalkenoatecements, Glass-ceramics, Materials for Hard Tissue Restoration. Apatites Characterization of apatites, glasses and glass polyalkenoate cements using solid state NMR. I am currently working on new biodegradable cements for use as a degradable bone glue.
I established recently the Campus company Bioceramic Therapeutics that is based on strontium releasing bioactive glasses that stimulate osteoblasts and inhibit osteoclasts.
I am the UK representative of Technical Committee 4 of the International Congress of Glass that deals with glasses for Medical Applications and I am also the UK representive on Technical Committee 7 that deals with Nucleation and Crystallisation of Glass.


Key Publications

Zinc Ion Release from Novel Hard Tissue Biomaterials'; M.R. Towler, S. Kenny, D. Boyd, T. Pembroke, M. Buggy & R.G. Hill; Bio-med. Mater. Eng. 14 (2004) 565-72.

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C. M. Crowley, J. Doyle, M. R. Towler2, R. G. Hill & S. Hampshire “The influence of capsule geometry and cement formulation on the apparent viscosity of dental cements” Online Journal of Dentistry 34 (2006).

A. Stamboulis, S. Matsuya, R.G. Hill, R.V. Law, K. Udoh, M. Nakagawa, Y. Matsuya

“MAS-NMR spectroscopy studies in the setting reaction of glass ionomer cements” Journal of Dentistry 34 (2006)

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A. Stamboulis, R.G. Hill, A. Calver, N.Bubb and P. Manuel “Real time neutron diffraction studies of apatite glass-ceramics”A MAS-NMR and combined Rietveldt study of mixed calcium/strontium fluorapatite glass-ceramics” Bioceramics 18 Key Eng Mat.  (2006) 309-12.

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R Hill, A Calver A Stamboulis and N Bubb “Real-Time Nucleation and Crystallization Studies of a Fluorapatite Glass–Ceramics Using Small-Angle Neutron Scattering and Neutron Diffraction” J Amer. Ceram. Soc. 90 (2006) 763–768

Daniel Boyd Mark R.Towler SallyWatts, Robert G .Hill AnthonyW.Wren and OwenM.Clarkin “The role of Sr2+ on the structure and reactivity of SrO–CaO–ZnO–SiO2 ionomer glasses”  J. Mater Sci Mater in Med 19 (2008) (53-7)

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M.D. O’Donnell ,, S.J. Watts , R.V. Law , R.G. Hill “Effect of P2O5 content in two series of soda lime phosphosilicate glasses on structure and properties – Part II: Physical properties” J. Non Cryst.Solids.354  (2008) 3561-3566.

Delia S. Brauer1,a, Natalia Karpukhina1,b, Daphne Seah1, Robert V. Law and Robert G. Hill “Fluoride-Containing Bioactive Glasses”Advanced Materials Research Vols. 39-40 (2008) pp 299-304 online

M.D. O’Donnell, Y. Fredholm, A. de Rouffignac, R.G. Hill “Structural analysis of a series of strontium-substituted apatites” Acta Biomaterialia 4 (2008)455-1464

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