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Dr Rinat Ezra, PhD


Clinical Research Facility Manager

Telephone: 0207 882 6348
Room Number: Institute of Dentistry


Rinat completed her PhD in Nutrition and Health Promotion with Anglia Ruskin University international PhD programme in 2007 accomplishing her diverse careers (1997-2005) both as a clinical and public health nutritionist and as a regional coordinator on nutrition and health promotion in her home country; Israel.

As of 2007 Rinat endorsed her career into clinical trials and RD management both in Israel and the UK including being a clinical trial coordinator & site monitor for commercial & non- commercial trials in Israel (Rabin Medical Centre) followed by a relocation to the UK where she started as a clinical trial manager in Warwick’s CTU and later moved into an RD manager role in the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation trust. Rinat later returned to Israel and served as an RD manager in MIGAL research centre along with Tel Hai academic college where she facilitated the investigators to shift across the praxis of transferring basic science into translational and clinical collaborations nationally or internationally.  
Following her return to the UK, in September 2013  she joined UCL Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit as a Clinical Trials manager where she was involved in the development and management of a novel Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products (ATMPs) trial as well as a large imagine trial.       

Rinat has joined Queen Marry University College London (QMUL) as a Clinical Research Facility (CRF) manager for the Centre for Oral Clinical Research in Barts and the London Institute of Dentistry in December 2015.  


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