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Dr Ali Nankali, D. Stom, PhD, CMS - Prosthodontics


Clinical Lecturer in Adult Oral Health

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 6353
Room Number: Institute of Dentistry


Dr Ali Nankali is a clinical Lecturer in Oral Adult Health in the Barts and the London Medical and Dental School. In 1998, he took a keen interest in restorative dentistry which led him to commence his extensive research on application of post and cores. Following his research, he proposed to the scientific board of the Orthopaedic and Implant department of the NMU a number of novel inventions including Nankali Post System, Nankali bur as well as new classifications for Post/Core and Masticatory force.

Dr Nankali was awarded his PhD in 2004 by National Medical University (NMU) in Kiev, Ukraine where he registered as a specialist / consultant in Prosthodontics. Furthermore, his engineering background in addition to his prosthetics and Maxillofacial clinical experiences helped him in achieving ground-breaking outcomes on his researches related to distribution of masticatory force and mechanical strength of teeth's hard tissues that brought him to the attention of the scientific community.

At his current position, Dr Nankali is involved with undergraduate, postgraduate students as well as regularly running CPD and other courses.

Membership of professional associations

• Supreme Attestation Commission of the Ukraine – DR No. 000942 KYIV – May 2004
• British Dental Association (BDA) – Membership Number 9015326 – February 2005
• The UK General Dental Council- January 2010
• British Society for the Study of Prosthetic Dentistry (BSSPD) – Membership Number 713 – October 2008
• British Society for Restorative Dentistry (BSRD) – December 2008

Academic wards and Commendations:

• Commendation for excellent study and social work, awarded by Central Student Preparatory Collage of Kiev University Known as Taras Shevchenko -1994
• Awarded a diploma for the best presentation at the 54Th Medical Science Conference of Students & Young Scientists in 1999, which was organized by Ukraine Health Ministry and National Medical University (NMU) and Society Science Students (O.O. Kisilia).
• Awarded title of Doctor of Stomatology by the (NMU) - 1999
• Awarded a commendation for the excellent presentation at the 55Th Medical Science Conference of Students & Young Scientists in 2000 which was organized by Ukraine Health Ministry and NMU and Society Science Students.
• Awarded the title of “ CMS -Candidate of Medicine Science” by Supreme Attestation Commission of the Ukraine and National Medical University - June, 2004
• Awarded the title of “Doctor of Philosophy” by Supreme Attestation Commission of the Ukraine and National Medical University - June, 2004
• Commendation awarded by Vice Chancellor of the Department of Foreign Students of NMU, for excellent study, research and science work - April, 2004
• Commendation awarded by Orthopaedic (prosthetics) Stomatology Faculty of NMU, for excellent study, research and social work (April, 2004)


Research Interests:

Research interests

• Prosthodontics (Crowns, veneers, post and cores)
• Dental instruments (rotary systems, burs, rubber dam)
• Preventive dental care (tooth paste, fluoride)
• Mastication / Masticatory forces
• Cosmetic surgeries
• Dental engraining

List of scientific works

In dentistry

• Nankali Post and Core System
In 1999 it was requested for the patent (УДК; 616.314-76-77:616.314.11-74:678.029.46:612.311) and became a part of research of the Orthopedic and Implant Stomatology Department of the National Medical University.

• Nankali Bur
For treatment of a tooth using Nankali-Post and Core related to the Nankali Post and Core System patent. UK - International Patent (Application Number: GB1109327.5 – UK Intellectual Property Office)

• Splitting Posts
Novel: After mathematical analysing the method and having some clinical experience it was presented at the 55th Medical Science Conference of Students & Young Scientists in 2000

• Nankali Masticatory Force Systematization
Novel 2003 – The first time it was presented in the National Medical University’s Scientific Board

• Masticatory force and teeth hardness relation
Novel 2003 - It was published in the Ukraine Scientific Medical Youth Journal

• A solution in orthodontia (Nankali-Space)
Novel 2002 – It was suggested to the orthodontic department of the National Medical University

• Veneer classification
Novel 2012- A new modified suggested classification for veneers

• Dambow
2013 - A new device is used in congestion with rubber dam for anterior teeth preparation

• Artificial Tongue
2014 – Providing a new type of artificial tongue that are used for dental undergraduate students in phantom head

In Medicine

• A new proposed method for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, 2009 – Disabling Thymus Gland / US Patent and Trade Mark Office / Application Number 29/316,097 for disabling thymus


• A New Method for generating electricity (NLPS), 2009 - UK Patent Application No.: 0915246.3 order date: 01-Sep-09

• A New Method to Neutralising Tsunamis waves, 2011 – Nankali Anti-Tsunami System / UK Patent Application Number GB1112166.2 (Intellectual Property Office)

Selected Publications:

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