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Population Oral Health

Cynthia Pine (Lead)

Population Oral Health Research Unit is led by members of the Dental Public Health Unit. It encompasses the previous Patient & Population Health Research theme and includes expertise and funded research projects in the mapping of oral health through to the development and evaluation of oral health improvement interventions. Accessing and engaging the diverse communities of East London, our local population, provides an important link to national health priorities and facilitates the exploration of social determinants underpinning global health inequalities. The research of the Unit is described under two themes: Social Determinants of Health and Developing and Evaluating Oral Health Improvement Interventions. Research has also led to the development of a comprehensive atlas to estimate age using both tooth development and alveolar eruption for individuals between 28 weeks in utero to 23 years. The London Dental Atlas, work led by Dr Helen Liversidge, has been used internationally including in disaster recovery, forensic odontology and archaeology as well as in teaching.

Social Determinants of Health

David Williams (Lead)

Wagner Marcenes


Researchers looking at the Social Determinants of Health from a global perspective have generated highly influential outputs published in the Lancet, Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Journal of Dental Research, and other high impact journals. End users of these research outputs include policymakers and the public, and provide evidence based contributions to determine international priorities for research, health policies and funding (Global Burden of Diseases 2010 study)

Developing and Evaluating Oral Health Improvement Interventions

Cynthia Pine (Lead)
Valeria Marinho
Vanessa Muirhead
Mustafa al-Haboubi
Vishal Aggarwal
Saba Kassim

Clinical Partners

Leaders of MClin Dentistry: Dominiki Chatzopoulou (Periodontology), Judith Jones (Oral Surgery), Philip Taylor (Restorative Dentistry), Anwar Tappuni (Oral Medicine), Ferranti Wong (Paediatric Dentistry)

Honorary Staff Members

Nick Barker; Sue Gregory; Linda Hillman; Claire Robertson; Desmond Wright


Our Population Oral Health Research includes randomised controlled trials (funded by NIHR and industry) evaluating behavioural and therapeutic interventions for childhood dental caries and we have developed international policy guidelines for fluoride therapies (The Cochrane Library).

We are developing capacity to undertake randomized controlled trials within the Dental Institute with our clinical and community partners in collaboration with Barts Health NHS Trust to provide enhanced opportunities for patient and population participation in clinical trials.


Professor Cynthia Pine CBE

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