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Sjogren's syndrome

Associated Centre/s:  Clinical and Diagnostic Oral Sciences

Associated Research:  Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

The multidisciplinary clinic for Sjogren’s syndrome (SS) patients is run by Consultants in Oral Medicine and Rheumatology providing oral and medical clinical management for this group of patients. The set up of the clinic is conducive to research into SS including clinical trials for therapies for SS patients and basic research into inflammatory markers of the disease, investigating the aetio-pathogenesis of SS.

We are also participating in a randomised double blind placebo controlled clinical trial (TRACTISS), of B-cell therapy, Rituximab for the treatment of patients with primary Sjogren's syndrome. It aims to assess the extent to which rituximab improves symptoms of fatigue and oral dryness in patients with Sjogren's syndrome.


Dr Anwar Tappuni
+44 20 7882 8655

Oral Medicine
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Institute of Dentistry
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