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Role of cytotoxin intermedilysin

Associated Centre/s:  Clinical and Diagnostic Oral Sciences

Associated Research:  Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Collaborative studies with workers in Tokushima University, Japan have led to the discovery of a human-specific cytolysin expressed by the oral commensal Streptococcus intermedius, an organism shown to be associated with deep-seated abscesses notably of the central nervous system. Investigation into the effects of the cytotoxin on a range of potential target cell types, at lethal and sub-lethal concentrations are being undertaken.

Key Publications

Nagamune, H., Ohnishi, C., Katsuura, A., Fushitani, K., Whiley, R.A., Tsuji, A., and Y. Matsuda. (1996). Intermedilysin, a novel cytotoxin secreted by Streptococcus intermedius UNS46 isolated from a human liver abscess. Infect.  Immun. 64: 3093-3100.

Macey, M.G., R.A. Whiley, L. Miller and H. Nagamune. (2001). Effect on polymorphonuclear cell function of a human-specific cytotoxin, intermedilysin, expressed by Streptococcus intermedius. Infect. Immun. 69: 6102-6109.


Dr Robert Whiley
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Research Centre for Clinical & Diagnostic Oral Sciences
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