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Crystallographic and Microstructural studies of Teeth Affected by Genetic Abnormalities

Associated Centre/s: Oral Growth and Development

Associated Research: Caries, Hard Tissues and Materials Research

Research Programme Funder: Medical Research Council and QMUL

This project is adventurous and novel bringing the most up to date physical sciences techniques of synchrotron x-ray diffraction and x-ray microtomography to the areas of medical and dental research. Dental abnormalities of varying degrees of severity can be a significant component of genetic diseases with morphologic or biochemical changes elsewhere in the body. As such their successful characterisation is a valuable tool in the identification of specific patterns of developmental disturbance.

At international facilities at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in France and the Advanced Photon Source in the USA we are carrying out 2D synchrotron x-ray diffraction experiments to relate the fundamental crystallography and microstructure of dental enamel to the clinical phenotyping and to the known specific genetic lesions underlying amelogenesis imperfecta. Additionally, comparing affected enamel to that of healthy tissue will provide a unique opportunity to identify the developmental pathways required for normal tooth development and give insights into the basic principles underlying mammalian biomineralisation.

PI: Dr Maisoon Al-Jawad
CoI: Dr Graham Davis
Student: Samera Siddiqui

Research Programme Status: Active


Dr Maisoon Al-Jawad
+44 20 7882 5960 (Phone)
+44 20 7882 7979 (Fax)

Dental Physical Sciences Unit
2nd Fl. Francis Bancroft Building
Queen Mary, University of London
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