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Dental Physical Sciences

The Dental Physical Sciences unit pursues research into Biomaterials and Biophysics.

Biomaterials majors on the development of novel materials and techniques for the treatment of chronic dental diseases such as caries and periodontal disease with particular reference to minimally invasive dentistry. This involves the development of materials which will act as carriers for the release of active species. They are also associated with materials which act as vehicles for the release of ionic species by diffusion controlled processes.

Biophysics is the application of the experimental methods of physics to biological problems. It has been responsible for many of the recent major advances in biology, for example understanding how proteins work as enzymes, and how DNA can carry and replicate genetic information.

Paediatric Dentistry

Our core business involves the teaching of paediatric dentistry to an average of 165 undergraduate dental students across 3 years of study as part of their BDS degree and 24 dental hygiene/therapy students (27 months).

Taught postgraduate courses and PhD Opportunities covering the area of Oral Microbiology are available.

We offer the Master of Clinical Dentistry (MClinDent) in Paediatric Dentistry, who follow a two-year course of study and both full-time and part-time PhD students co- supervised with staff in other units of the dental school.


Orthodontics is the dental specialty involved with developmental variations in the teeth, their supporting bones and the soft tissue of the face. It is also involved in the treatment of facial deformities in both children and adults.

Orthodontics forms part of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery undergraduate curriculum.


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