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8 May 2017

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Dr Wei-Te (Ken) Huang (centre left) was the recipient of the prestigious IADR CARIOLOGY RESEARCH GROUP SCIENCE AWARD 2017 for his paper titled “Cariostatic Effects of Commercial Silver Diammine Fluoride Components on Enamel” presented at the 95th Annual Meeting of IADR in San Francisco, USA. The abstract was co-authored by Mr. Tomas Duminis, Dr. Saroash Shahid and Prof. Paul Anderson. The IADR CARIOLOGY RESEARCH GROUP SCIENCE AWARD is intended to promote the quality of science at the annual IADR meeting.

Dr Huang is supervised by Dr Saroash Shahid and Prof Paul Anderson. In the broader context, Dr Huang’s PhD project explores kinetic and structural aspects of demineralization and remineralization of tooth . Dr Huang joined the Institute of Dentistry in 2014, and successfully completed MSc in Oral Biology with a distinction for which he was awarded the Principal’s Prize in 2015.




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