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24th European Dental Materials Conference, London

24 January 2017

24th European Dental Materials Conference, London
Problems, Solutions and Innovations in Dental Materials

30th August 2017 –1st September 2017
Barts and the London, School of Dentistry

Conference Information

The current problems with dental materials will be discussed and speakers will present innovative research showing solutions/discoveries in topics such as bioactive glasses, glass-ceramics and polymer/composites. This conference presents real clinical outcomes in Implantology, Restorative and Regenerative Dentistry and use of new analytical techniques (synchrotron x-ray scattering diffraction tomography, NMR, TEM and FIB-SEM).

The conference brings together delegates from more than 25 nations, comprising leading clinicians, material scientists, engineers and technicians (academia and industry). There are good opportunities for friendly interaction and discussion with expert researchers in academia and industry.

There is also a Postgraduate student training day, “How to write a scientific paper for publication”. This will take place on the afternoon of 30th August under the guidance of prestigious Journal Editors to enhance personal development.

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This conference will be CPD verifiable.



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