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Dr Roy Woodhoo

Clinical Lecturer

What motivates you about working in the Dental Institute?

Being a Foundation Dental Trainer gave me my first taste of formal teaching and encouraged me to apply to be a Clinical Lecturer.  I enjoy teaching; the challenge of identifying the students’ strengths and tailoring my teaching to how they learn best. I split my week between general practice and the university, therefore this allows me to bring my experience from practice into how I teach. The QMUL team are fantastic; creating a welcoming working environment.

How have you progressed since you started?

Having not taught in a university setting before, teaching in a group environment has been challenging and a different dynamic from one on one tuition, within general practice. This has meant I have have had to adapt my style for different environments. As a personal tutor I have been able to take a closer interest in an individual group’s development and have enjoyed getting to know the students.

What are your goals for your future?

In 2016 I will start a formal teaching qualification which should help me further at the university. Eventually I would like to start taking on a more hands on approach with delivering, and maybe even helping to develop, the curriculum. I also wish to meet more of my colleagues and foster closer links within the team.

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