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Dr Wendy Turner

Head of Centre for Adult Oral Health. Head of Undergraduate Programmes. Senior Clinical lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Adult Oral Health

What motivates you about working in the Dental Institute?

I love and thrive on the busy working environment and the supportive team I work with at the Dental School.  I get a real sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing that I have taught and helped develop hundreds of young dentists.

How have you progressed since you started?

I began my academic career  as a part time clinical lecturer and after completing an MRC Clinical Training Fellowship I was promoted to Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant. I became Head of Centre for Adult Oral Health in 2008 as a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant in Restorative Dentistry.

What are your goals for your future?

To keep using opportunities to develop my experience  and skills in Dental Education and Clinical Periodontology, take on interesting projects, and working with people I can really learn from whilst mentoring my team!

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