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Dr Anwar Tappuni

Reader/Honorary Consultant

What motivates you about working in the Dental Institute?

I probably have different motivators at different times.  Generally speaking I am motivated by innovation and development of new ideas in teaching, improvement of clinical services and being involved in research.  I find recognition of my work in the form of being asked to contribute to team work in the institute or to present my research very motivating  

How have you progressed since you started?

I started in 2007 as a Lecturer at the Institute of Dentistry. Since then I developed the oral medicine course for the undergraduates, established the Master in Clinical Dentistry in Oral Medicine programme and developed a multidisciplinary clinical service for dry mouth patients.  I was promoted to a Reader in Oral Medicine in 2013.

What are your goals for your future?

I feel privileged to be an academic in an internationally renowned institute.  I would like to foster the international links I have developed and share my skills with academics from around the world to enrich my experience and to offer my knowledge to students from developing countries.  

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