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Professor Rob Allaker

Professor of Mucocutaneous Microbiology, Director of Graduate Studies

What motivates you about working in the Dental Institute?

Working alongside clinical researchers and basic scientists in the Dental Hospital and Blizard Building, as well as the variety of opportunities for collaborations in a leading research Institute.

How have you progressed since you started?

I joined Queen Mary as a lecturer in 1992, was promoted to Senior Lecturer and then Reader, and became Professor of Mucocutaneous Microbiology in October 2011. As Director of Graduate Studies since 2013 I have overseen the admissions, progression and examinations of the PhD students within the Institute who make an extremely valuable contribution to our research output.

What are your goals for your future?

My profile of work on mucosal innate immunity, periodontal disease & oral malodour and nanotechnology (antimicrobial dental implant coatings) projects is well established and directed towards medium term goals. In the future I would like to increase the number of productive relationships with Industry.

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