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At the Institute of Dentistry we are committed to providing a dynamic and collegial workplace that values equality and diversity. This provides an inclusive environment for our staff and students. It is important that everyone plays a role to ensure that we meet the goals we have set ourselves, and provide a supportive and welcoming environment.


I find recognition of my work in the form of being asked to contribute to team work in the institute or to present my research very motivating ...
Dr Anwar Tappuni (Reader/Honorary Consultant)
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The friendly atmosphere, the daily challenges the institute offers, and the team approach to teaching.
Bal Chana (Deputy Principal Hygiene and Therapy Tutor)
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I split my week between general practice and the university, therefore this allows me to bring my experience from practice into how I teach. The QMUL team are fantastic; creating a welcoming working environment. ...
Dr Roy Woodhoo (Clinical Lecturer)
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It is a very friendly environment ... When I first started working here I was a departmental secretary and I then went on to become a Centre Administrator. I was given the opportunity to return part-time after maternity leave and in 2015 I was promoted to my current role.
Lindsey Spicer (Curriculum Delivery and Centre Manager)
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... dental research aimed at finding solutions for oral disease treatment that will help people maintain their oral health is my motivation to work in the dental institute.
Mei Huang (PhD Student)
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The atmosphere is very friendly and stimulating ...
Minnie Rangarajan (Post-Doctoral Research Fellow)
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I love and thrive on the busy working environment and the supportive team I work with at the Dental School. I get a real sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing that I have taught and helped develop hundreds of young dentists.
Dr Wendy Turner (Head of Centre for Adult Oral Health. Head of Undergraduate Programmes.)
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I am motivated by working alongside clinical researchers and basic scientists ....
Professor Robert Allaker (Professor of Mucocutaneous Microbiology)
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Following the progress of both undergraduates and postgraduates through their courses and being able to contribute to this progression is my main motivation.
Dr Sandra Parker (Senior Lecturer)
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Seeing the positive impact of the Dental Society and how significantly it contributes to having an enjoyable student experience ....
Vishal Barot (Dental Student President)
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I am motivated by the interdisciplinary nature of the Dental Institute and the opportunity to inform my teaching with the latest research. Research really makes a difference to student learning!
Dr Natalia Karpukhina (Senior Lecturer)
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