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Welcome to the equality and diversity page at The Institute of Dentistry. The Institute of Dentistry is located in the heart of East London which boasts a diverse, multi-cultural community and this is reflected in our staff and our students.

At the Institute of Dentistry we are actively engaged in creating a harmonious working environment for all our staff and students. We are focused on promoting equal opportunity for all to achieve their potential free from prejudice and discrimination.

We are currently holders of the Athena SWAN bronze award and are working toward a silver award.

Meet the Dental Community to experience the culture and environment in our Institute of Dentistry.

Guest Blog

Eradicating Gender Stereotyping: How can Athena Swan Awards Help?

Professor Athene Donald - Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge

There is nothing like seeing gender stereotyping through reverse eyes to highlight its stupidity. Women are used to intrusive, inappropriate questions about their looks and dress, even in professional situations (see this recent story about Russian astronauts for an example); they are used to being judged by criteria quite different from men, be it about being aggressive rather than assertive or being expected to be the one to sort out the childcare and the laundry. But, turn these statements around – as Twitter user @manwhohasitall does – and it really brings it home ...

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