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Masters in Dental Public Health

The Masters programme can be followed for one year full-time or two years part-time. It is a modular taught course conducted over two semesters with the requirement of a dissertation and protected time for research given in the third semester.

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Specialist Training in Dental Public Health

The Unit of Dental Public Health has been recognised by the Specialist Training Committee in Dental Public Health for the London Deanery for Specialist Training in Dental Public Health under the academic trainer, Professor Cynthia Pine, Consultant in Dental Public Health.

Undergraduate Dental Public Health and Evidence-Based Dentistry

The unit runs an integrated theme throughout the Dental undergraduate degree. The Evidence-Based Dentistry component develops students’ skills to find, appraise and apply research evidence in their clinical decision-making. The Dental Public Health component helps students understand the local population, how to develop preventive strategies and healthcare systems.

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