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The research of the Dental Public Health Unit encompasses the previous Patient & Population Health Research theme and includes expertise and funded research projects in the mapping oforal health through to the development and evaluation of oral health improvement interventions. Research is conducted under two broad themes: Global Oral Health; and Developing and Evaluating Oral Health Improvement Interventions.


Enquiries for the study of PhD in the Dental Public Health Unit are welcome.

Please contact Professor Cynthia Pine for further information.

List of MSc in Dental Public Health theses titles

  • Prevalence of "Toombak" among Secondary School Students in Khartoum, Sudan 2012.
  • Water Pipe Tobacco (Shisha) Smoking and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - A Systematic Review
  • Prevalence and Incidence Based Distribution of Traumatic Dental Injuries Among Regions as Defined by World Health Organisation Global Burden of Disease - a 30-year old Review of the Literature.
  • Availability and Use of NASWAR: An Exploratory Study.
  • The Evidence on the Effects of Salt Fluoridation for Caries Prevention: A Descriptive Study of its Contents and Quality.
  • Self-reported and Validated Tobacco Use in Indian Undergraduate Students: An Exploratory Study.
  • Assessing Health Promotion Activities Through School Head Master's Perspectives: A Cross Sectional Descriptive Study of CBSE Schools in India.
  • Tooth Loss and its Impact on the Quality of Life on North East London's Ethnic Minorities.
  • A study to Identify the Impact of Oral Health Related Quality of Life and Oral Health Status of Adult Patients Diagnosed with Severe Mental Illness in Community Based Mental Health Programmes.
  • Assessing the Prevalence of Dental Pain in 11 - 14 Year Old Children, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Use of Systematic Reviews in Clinical Practice Guide: A Case Study of Fluoride Use for Caries Prevention.
  • Smokeless Tobacco Cessation for Bangladeshi Women in East London: Retrospective and Prospective Aspects.
  • Client Satisfaction with the Bangladeshi Stop Tobacco Cessation Project in Tower Hamlets, East London.
  • A Cross Sectional Study on the Correlation Among Dental Anxiety, Dental Attendance and Self-Reported Oral Health Status in Adult Dental Patients in Shanghai 9th People's Hospital.
  • A Cross Sectional Study Investigating the Socio-Demographic and Oral Health-Related Risk Factors for Periodontal Disease in Inner North East London Adults.
  • A Systematic Review Comparing the Efficacy of Interdental/Interspace Brushes Versus Dental Floss on Dental Plaque and Gingivitis in Adults.
  • Unpacking a Paan Quid - A Cross Sectional Study in the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Newham, Southall, Brent and Harrow.
  • Perceptions towards Roles and Training Needs of Dental Nurses and Perceptions Towards Employability of Male and Dental Nursing: A Survey of District Dental Officers in Malaysia.
  • Utilization of Dental Services Among UK Resident Male Yemeni Khat Chewers.
  • A Cross Sectional Study to Identify the Relationship Between Tobacco Availability and its Promotion in School Neighbourhoods and Tobacco Prevalence Among Male Pupils Aged: 13 - 15 in Kadi, Gujarat, India.
  • Effectiveness of Fluoride Mouthrinse in Preventing Caries in Adults - A Systematic Review.
  • Oral Health Impact on Quality of Life and Other Factors Influencing the Dental Attendance Patterns in Adult Population of Inner North East London.
  • Oral Cancer Awareness Level in Adult Population in Outer North East London: A Cross-Sectional Study.
  • The Role of the Pharmacist in Provision of Oral Health Promotion.  A Review of Evidence.
  • A Systematic Review on the Effectiveness of Fluoride Varnish in Controlling Dental Caries in Adults.
  • Prevalence and Trends in Oral Health Service Utilization Among Senior Secondary School Students in Ife North Local Government of Osun State, Nigeria.
  • Dental Treatment Neglect in 5-year old children in Pakistan: Socio economic and psychosocial correlates - a Pilot Study.
  • Ethnic Differences in Tobacco Use in Adults Living in Outer North East London: A Cross Sectional Study.
  • Understanding Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking Among British Youth: A Qualitative Study.
  • A pilot study to assess the oral health knowledge acquisition in 7-11 year old primary school students following oral health education lessons
  • A qualitative study of parental perception of pre-school children’s health visits
  • Exploratory mixed methods study to assess the baseline knowledge of oral health related behaviour of teachers who teach to 7 to 11 year old students in urban Nagpur District of India and the suitability of e-bug “Oral hygiene: prevention of infection” online lesson plan to teach oral health by a sample of those teachers.
  • A qualitative study to explore the health perceptions, priorities and self-care management approaches of care leavers in Newham, UK.
  • Knowledge sharing in professional communities of practice and its role in tobacco cessation in NHS hospital by dentist: a qualitative study
  • A qualitative study of knowledge sharing in professional communities of practice and its role in tobacco cessation in general dental practice by general dental practitioners
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