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Dental Public Health Unit

The Dental Public Health Unit within the Institute of Dentistry is responsible for the delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research in the discipline, and oversees the delivery of tobacco cessation services to the Tower Hamlets community:

Dental Public Health is 'the science and practice of preventing oral disease, promoting oral health and improving quality of life through the organised efforts of society’ (Downer et al, 1994).

Core Topics in Dental Public Health

Oral Health Surveillance: principles of oral health needs assessment; principles of dental epidemiology; determinants of disease; health impact assessment and health equity.
Assessing the Evidence on Oral Health and Dental Interventions, Programmes and Services: Dental Public Health teaching in this topic at Queen Mary is delivered in partnership with the Evidence-Based component of the BDS programme.

Policy and Strategy Development and Implementation: national healthcare systems, local and national policies, global health matters.

Oral Health Improvement: effective health promotion and oral health promotion; politics and processes associated with water fluoridation; population preventative programmes; recognising the health context of the population to meet their needs; recognising common risk factors; engaging the public/population in solving their own health problem.

Health and public protection: regulation, guidance and best practice in managing common risks across dental services; clinical governance systems; GDC structures; indemnity organization; the role of the Care Quality Commission; health care organizations; medical ethics. Topics are studied with local, national and international perspectives encompassing global oral health at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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