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Oral pathology

Oral pathology is a speciality within pathology studying the causes and effects of oral disease. Oral Pathology is a unit within the Centre of Clinical and Diagnostic Oral Sciences and has responsibilities for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and provision of a specialist, diagnostic head and neck reporting service. The consultant pathologists provide a specialist diagnostic head and neck surgical pathology service to clinicians and oral and maxillofacial surgeons at Barts and The London Trust as well as local and regional hospitals. We have a thriving research environment which attracts an international reputation for its high quality.

Diagnostic Service

Oral Pathology reporting is currently embedded within the CPA accredited Department of Pathology. The department has several specialised groups of which one is head and neck incorporating both Oral Pathology and ENT. This group undertakes more than 2000 oral histopathology specimens per year, the ENT workload is approximately 1000 cases per year with 500 head and neck cytology specimens. There are in excess of 30 frozen sections per year.


The primary teaching objective of this unit is the education and training of dental students at all stages, from undergraduate to postgraduate levels and including the professionals complementary to dentistry (PCDs).

Taught postgraduate courses and  PhD Opportunities covering the area of Oral Pathology are available.


Research falls within the groups:


Prof Kim Piper
Consultant Oral Pathology & Senior Tutor for Dental Admissions
+44 20 7882 7131 (Phone)
+44 20 7882 7153 (Fax)

Oral Pathology
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