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Adult Oral Health

Welcome to Adult Oral Health in the Institute of Dentistry at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The Centre is the academic home of the Clinical Restorative Dental Specialties (including Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Operative Dentistry and Periodontology) within the Institute of Dentistry. The Centre's broad range of activities include the responsibility for undergraduate and postgraduate education in these subjects, together with a range of research groupings and the provision of clinical restorative dental care in conjunction with the Restorative Unit within the Dental Teaching Hospital of Barts Health NHS Trust.

The Clinical Restorative Specialities

Conservative Dentistry

This area traditionally includes the parts of Dentistry, which concern the diseases of the dental hard tissues (teeth) and the restoration of teeth to their former shape and function as well as the replacement of missing teeth. This may be achieved by restorations (fillings), crowns (caps) and/or bridges (fixed partial dentures).


This is the branch of dental sciences dealing with health, injuries to and diseases of the pulp and periradicular region, and their relationship with systemic well-being and health. The pulp is the soft tissue, for example, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue occupying the central core of a tooth. It is enclosed within the hard tissues of the tooth, namely, enamel, dentine and cementum. The periradicular (periapical) tissues surround the apical (root end) of a tooth, which is embedded in the jawbone. Disease can affect both the pulp and the periradicular tissues. Endodontology can help the clinician understand the disease, its sequelae, and facilitate diagnosis and management.


Periodontology is the study of diseases of the supporting tissues surrounding the teeth together with their clinical management. Plaque-induced chronic inflammatory periodontal disease is one of the most common and important conditions affecting the oral cavity and as such represents a major clinical speciality within dentistry.


Prosthodontics is that aspect of dentistry that deals with the replacement of missing teeth and an understanding of the biomaterials used in their construction. Biological and psychosocial aspects of this sphere of dentistry will be emphasised. This can be achieved with fixed and removable appliances that are supported on teeth, implants or the oral mucosa.


  • Adult Oral Health provides core contributions to the BDS curriculum across the Clinical Restorative Specialities.
  • Taught postgraduate courses and PhD Opportunities covering the area of Adult Oral Health are available. Postgraduate teaching includes MClinDents in Periodontology and Prosthodontics.


Research falls within the group Caries, Hard Tissues and Material Research.


Ms Lindsey Spicer
Centre Manager
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Centre for Adult Oral Health
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